This is the 100th article I’ve written on LinkedIn. Thinking about it sparked a thought about celebrations and whether we do enough celebrating in the workplace.

In my career, I’ve met and interviewed a lot of leaders in a wide variety of organizations. I have never heard any of them say, “You know it’s crazy, we are constantly celebrating our achievements and milestones.”

Why don’t we celebrate at work? Probably the same lame excuse we give for a lot of things – we’re too busy.

Certainly, there is always something worth celebrating and we don’t need to wait for special days like work anniversaries, the completion of a lengthy project, or closing a big deal (but don’t get me wrong, those things are especially worth celebrating).

Celebrate the little successes every day.

–       Great customer service

–       Positive attitudes

–       Friendliness

–       Teamwork

–       Showing up

–       Creative problem-solving

–       New hires

–       Retirements

–       Promotions

I am a big believer in daily celebration. I think we should celebrate small things every day.

If you can’t find something worth celebrating, you aren’t looking hard enough.

Celebrations can take little to no preparation.

They can be a surprise, or they can be planned.

They can be elaborate, or they can be simple.

We can wait until the timing is right or we can do it right now.

Successful, positive workplaces make regular celebrations a part of their work routine. How can your team celebrate one another today?

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