It’s nice to open the window of a hotel room and see an amazing view. It can lift my spirits, even if just for a moment. I have been fortunate on some occasions to have an amazing view like the one I had in Colorado Springs, Colorado last week.

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There have been other times, also like last week, when the view was not amazing. That can also affect me even if just for a minute. No alt text provided for this image

What affects your outlook?

Is it a view or a lack of one?

Is it a past failure that clouds your current outlook?

While you cannot always change your view, you do have control over your attitude.  

Below are some suggestions to consider:

You control your outlook. Don’t transfer control of your outlook to anyone else.

How can you create a positive outlook?

Surround yourself with people who project positive outcomes.

Look for the good in everyone and everything – it’s almost always there.

I’ve found that starting and ending each day well is key to having a positive outlook.

Start your day in an energizing way:

  • prayer and/or quiet time
  • inspirational reading or a positive podcast
  • exercise to get your body and your brain aligned
  • healthy food for maximized energy
  • begin your day with enthusiasm and positivity

End your day on a high note:

  • Recap what went well
  • Reflect on what you learned
  • Express gratitude to those who supported or helped you
  • Appreciate the underappreciated
  • Ask yourself how you helped someone over the course of your day

While you may not be able to have an amazing view each day, you can have an amazing mental outlook and that’s even better.

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