“We were robbed!”

I am disgusted and infuriated!”

It’s just not fair!”

The issue has become political with both parties agreeing that it needs to be addressed. It’s been on the news. Everyone is talking about it. A lot of people disagree with it. There’s even talk of a lawsuit. Presidential candidates are discussing it.

What is it?

The Florida State University football team should not have been left out of the College Football Championship!

If you know me, you know that I went to graduate school at FSU and am a Seminole fan. I have a lot of garnet and gold clothes. I’ve held season tickets. I attended the 2014 national championship game in the Rose Bowl when FSU last won it all. I love my Seminoles!

FSU vs. Auburn, Rose Bowl 2014

And yes, I am disappointed.

However, I am going to be okay.

And you will too when everything doesn’t work the way you thought it should.

Sometimes things happen in our careers and personal lives that are beyond our control. And often when things don’t go our way, we complain. We let negative situations dominate our thoughts. We talk about the situation with others, building a tempest of toxicity.

Ultimately, we lose ourselves by living in a state of chronic negativity due to circumstances outside of our control. We lose our power, productivity, influence, and love. Is it worth all that for something beyond our influence?

When you feel yourself starting to lose it over things for which you can’t control, try asking yourself a few questions:

–       What positive results could occur because of this negative situation?

–       How can I be an example to others by re-examining the present circumstances from multiple angles?

–       How can I be positive when everyone around me is complaining?

–       Who is leading these changes and how can I consider things from their viewpoint?

–       In the big scheme of things, does this situation really have that big of an effect on my future?

Focus on what you can change. Forget what you can’t. It may not be fair but it’s likely going to be okay!

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