Are you taking time to smell the roses? Recently I had the opportunity to work in a stunningly beautiful location. Because I have worked with this client several times, I was taking the scenery for granted. I took the above picture of my stunning view and sent it to my company’s marketing director with the tagline – “My office this afternoon“. My INTENT was to work on some creative projects in a place that would likely help inspire me. However, I never even got my toes in the sand. I got caught up in other time-intensive tasks. While they were important and arguably necessary, I certainly could have made some time to ponder, think, and reflect. It’s almost impossible to develop new ideas or innovations if our scenery never changes.  Because I have worked with this client several times, I have been taking scenes like this for granted.

Take time this week, no matter how small of window you have, to find a place that inspires you to have reflective time to think deeply. Be still, and let your creativity simmer. In addition, consider taking one or more of the following actions:

– Block out an entire day (or even a half day if that is all you can find) to think about a solution to a problem or to ponder a new idea

– Read a new book that challenges an assumption you have or one that causes your mind to be stretched

– Book a day outing or weekend trip that involves something you have never before experienced

– Instead of making a quick decision on a complex problem, take a walk in a beautiful environment and let your subconscious brain go to work on a solution 

The wise philosopher I. M. Anonymous once said, “If you always do what you have always done, you’ll always get what you have always gotten”.  Step out of your comfort zone and make time, space, and silence for a new discovery or to solve a problem you have been pondering.

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