I’d like to protose a post!”

Yes, I said those embarrassing words in front of dozens of people at my grandparents 50th wedding anniversary.

Then there were the words I said the time that my future wife invited me to attend her final sorority party (which was our first date).

What’s the matter, you couldn’t find a date?”

It’s a wonder she said yes when I asked her out for a second date!

The chances are high that you are also haunted by the memory of saying something really stupid.

I can think of a lot of embarrassing and utterly ridiculous things that have left my mouth. I have kept a list of my worst verbal slip ups in my mind for many years.

Sometimes the price we pay for saying or doing something stupid could simply result in momentary embarrassment. However, the stakes could be higher than that. Ill-advised words could lose a customer. Poor word choices could prevent us from closing the sale. Our insensitive words could result in damaging a friendship or alienating a family member or co-worker.

Stupid words lose elections, end marriages, stifle careers, and start wars. 

But let’s turn things around—what are the best words you’ve ever said? Words that were exactly right for the situation. Words that brought positivity, encouragement, and life. Words that began friendships and romances, stirred imaginations, and cast visions of future success.

 If you are like me, you probably have a hard time remembering your best words.

Why is it that we remember our spoken mistakes better than our spoken successes?  It’s because we tend to focus on our mistakes, the things we do poorly, like when we fall flat on our face, or say the wrong thing. It’s human nature and we all keep our mistakes and poor decisions in our memory.

I’d like to propose (not protose) that we all start keeping a list of our best words to counter the negative thoughts that lurk in our brains.

Words are important. The worst words are important to avoid saying again, learn from, and then forget.

The best words are important enough to remember, to celebrate, and repeat.

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