How long has it been since you’ve been silent for an extended period of time? In today’s world of constant activity and 24/7 access to technology, it’s important to regularly take time to clear our minds and open our thoughts to our surroundings.

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Over the last week, I’ve spent a week in a cabin in the woods with my family. We’ve had virtually no access to technology. I’ve read two books, taken long walks, and had a lot of unstructured time. My day starts and ends on a dock overlooking a beautiful lake.

This is not my normal.

I usually spend most days in constant activity. Emails and errands, family schedules and travel schedules, phone calls and to-do lists fill my time, most of the time.

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But I yearn for these quiet times of reflection and idleness. I have written about this topic before because it is so important for your mental and physical health. Having “nothing” time is restorative, renewing, and revitalizing.

I suspect that mental health across the board would be improved if we took more time to just be still and spent less time in front of our screens.

Days and seasons have a rhythm and so should we. Our regular rhythm should include periods of time that allow us to just “be” without feeling the need to “do.”

Time spent in silence and rest produces an immeasurable ROI. When we return to our normal routine, we do so with increased clarity, motivation, focus, and purpose.

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