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I had the opportunity to teach snow sports near where I live this winter. I began every lesson by talking about the most important attribute that you bring to learning something new – mindset.

One can have great agility, strength, power, or experience but nothing, in my opinion, is as important as having the right mindset when it comes to learning anything, snow sports included.

Several weeks ago, I had a student who proved this point beautifully. While limited in athletic ability and admittedly not naturally coordinated, the mindset she brought to learning to ski was amazing. She kept saying “I’ve got this” when I instructed her to try something. And got it she did! After a few short hours, she was flying down the slopes with confidence.

During lessons, I would tell my students what I have told my speaking audiences for years. What we say to ourselves can impede or strengthen our learning process. Our mindsets set us up for success or failure. If you begin your learning by saying, “I am going to fall” or “I can’t do this” you’ll probably be right. The same thing applies in our personal and work lives as well. Avoid saying things like “I know I am going to mess up this project” or “I really stink at giving presentations.” Instead, follow the example of my student by saying “I’ve got this” to yourself over and over again. That mindset will have a big effect on performance.

Whether it’s learning a new language, learning to play a musical instrument, learning to paint or draw, or learning to ski or snowboard having a positive mindset is critical in setting you up for success. Remember, you’ve got this.

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