Do you know what makes Americans different from citizens of other countries?

Americans aren’t very good at pausing. We see it all around us.

People are glued to their screens.

We respond to email messages at all hours of the day and night.

And on weekends.

We “check-in” online before we get out of bed.

We work when we are on “vacation”.

We don’t use all our vacation days.

Is it any wonder that anxiety, stress, and depression are all on the upswing? 

Maybe we need to take note of how other countries view work and life.

Latin American countries have a “siesta” during the middle of the day.

Many Finnish residents take six weeks off every summer to spend time at their cottages.

In France, when people go out for dinner, it can be a 3–4 hour meal that is not interrupted by smartphone use.

Employers in Ontario, Canada are required to have written policies on disconnecting from work that outline when work-related communications, including emails, phone call and video conferences, are prohibited.

If I am not traveling, I turn my phone off for 24 hours on the weekend and I try not to look at screens of any kind. I think our brain needs a break from the constant flow and accessibility of information. We need time just to be without feeling like we are always “on.”

Take a lesson from our international friends—spending time untethered by technology — could be the most productivity-improving activity of your week.

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