It’s Friday and you have worked hard all week. By noon everyone is “done” so you might as well be, right? Recently I had a friend contact me to meet early on a Friday afternoon. He told me that “none of his customers worked on Fridays” so he didn’t either. He was surprised to hear that I worked on Friday afternoons. If NOBODY is working why should you? Because you can end your week on a high note by experiencing successes that the “knock off early” crowd won’t!

If you are in sales or own a small business, Friday afternoons could be the best time to have a conversation with a customer or prospective client. Because “nobody is working” they have time to talk. Even executives, HR professionals, association executive directors, and other professionals can make calls to check in on people in their network, schedule conference calls to discuss pressing challenges, meet for lunch to brainstorm with colleagues, prepare an agenda for an upcoming meeting, or tackle a pending project. Swim upstream. Resist the temptation to have a knock-off early mentality. I can promise you that your biggest competitors aren’t knocking off early. Why should you?

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