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If you were ever in the Boy Scouts, you may remember that the troop was organized into smaller groups called patrols. The patrols had names like the Bobcat Patrol, The Cobra Patrol, and the Mountain Men Patrol. To motivate the patrols to live the Boy Scout Oath, my father, who was the scoutmaster of the troop, gave awards to the patrol with the best attitude to help inspire us to lead well and serve the troop. He called the award, the can-do award.

Never one to throw away something that could be repurposed, he used tin cans stacked one on top of another with the name of the patrol and added to it where the label of the can would be. It was an honor and a privilege to receive the can-do award. You were fortunate to be recognized as a can-doer.

A few weeks ago, at Influence 2022 – the National Speakers Association annual convention, my friend Denise Gabel, can-do-ologist showed me an advance copy of her new book called The Can-Do Mindset. It was just released this week and it is a great read. You are fortunate to be one of the first to know about this terrific and timely book…

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There is freedom in embracing can.

The moment you embrace can, freedom is a side effect.

Chapter 3 in The Can-Do Mindset highlights how Can-doers are wired. I believe can-do is a part of our DNA strands and maybe science will confirm it one day. Until then, I think it’s powerful for Can-doers to realize that we are wired differently—and that’s not just okay—it’s amazing! In this chapter, I share some of the hard-wiring of a Can-doer and ways that you can deepen your can-do mindset.

Can-doers own what they own.

In this chapter, I share how I learned how to find and embrace my authentic self. Finding and embracing your authentic self requires an overlap of accountability, honesty, and transparency. Where these three intersect is a beautiful place that keeps you grounded in your own personal, authentic power.

There is only one you.

Being authentic must feel right to you. You should never feel like you’re exhausted and working hard to be you. There is only one of you – so be it. You are unique with a unique voice. Use it. Voice your opinions. Pen your thoughts. Establish your authority. Use the confidence that you have as a Can-doer.

Always be self-aware and accountable (especially to yourself).

It’s one thing to be accountable to others. It’s another thing to be accountable to yourself. Can-doers are accountable to themselves first … because that’s what matters most. They hold themselves to high standards. They also say yes because they can … and no because they can, too.

In this chapter, I also highlight the importance of trust when it comes to awareness and accountability, and you can build trust by doing 3 things: be, say, and do. You build trust by being your authentic self, saying what you’re going to do, and doing what you say. Can-doers embrace all three . . . with enthusiasm. 

Set yourself free. Embrace a can-do mindset.

You can purchase The Can-Do Mindset: How to Make Things Happen . . . with Enthusiasm on Amazon.

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