What do you do when things aren’t going the way you planned?

Recently I was thinking about my first post-college job at IBM. It was a job that wasn’t fulfilling. I was working in a job with virtually no face-to-face customer interaction. My job required a tremendous amount of attention to detail and forced me to sit in a cubicle in front of a computer most of the day. I had little opportunity to offer my creativity or my personality to my work. And I hated it.

Because of that, my work suffered. I made a lot of mistakes.

I was put on a 60-day improvement plan.

If I didn’t turn things around, I was going to be fired.

I was depressed and anxious about my future.

This was not what I expected.

I was accustomed to performing at a high level.

But I was failing.

What would you do?

I turned to books and self-improvement. Among the books I devoured were classic business books like:

–    The Magic of Thinking Big

–      How to Win Friends and Influence People

–     The Greatest Salesman in the World

These books changed my whole outlook, and they can change you too. They motivated me and helped turn my poor attitude and poor performance around. After trying the strategies I read, my performance began to improve. Eventually, I was acknowledged with a team award given to less than 1% of IBM employees.

If you feel stuck in your job, maybe you need a reset.

Mathematician and physicist Sir Isaac Newton created three laws of motion. The first one was every object in a state of uniform motion will remain in that state of motion unless an external force acts on it.

A reset can be that force that changes your motion, changes your career, and the force that creates positive outcomes.

But change is hard.

The easy path is to do nothing.


That’s what most people will do.

If you are tired about how you are feeling at work, you need a reset.

Read these books.

But better yet, contact me and I’ll show you and your team how to turn your underperformers (like I was at IBM) into your top performers.

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