If it weren’t for Ken and Donna, you might not be reading this right now.

Yet, frequently, we complain about people like Ken and Donna and the other 3.5 million U.S. truck drivers when we are on the road.

If you are like me, you have probably said some unkind things through your windshield about truck drivers and their intrusion on your travel.

For the last 18 years, Ken and Donna have lived on the road for 1/3 of their life. They both drive 18-wheelers – together. They are always in motion. While Ken drives, Donna sleeps. While Donna drives, Ken sleeps. Ken comes from a family of truck drivers who have driven all over the country. And while we are sleeping, they may be driving. While we are enjoying dinner with friends at a nice restaurant, they might be eating a premade sandwich purchased at a truck stop. While we are watching a movie on the couch, they might be standing on the side of a busy interstate with a flat tire.

If we stopped to think about it, our lives would be much more difficult if it weren’t for truck drivers.

The screen you are reading this on was probably transported to you by a truck driver. Whatever you are sitting on right now was likely delivered by a trucker. The clothes you are wearing were also delivered by a trucker. The food you have in your home, the products you used to get ready for your day, your morning coffee, the bed you slept in, the sheets, towels, the flooring in your home or apartment, and the gas in your car as well as your actual car were all delivered to some location by a truck driver.

We benefit greatly from their work. What do they get?

  • Being away from their families for days at a time.
  • Sleeping in truck stops, rest areas, and even on the side of the road (which is dangerous for them and for you).
  • Irregular showers.
  • Truck stop food.
  • Traffic.
  • Short delivery time windows.
  • Sitting for hours on long stretches of highways.
  • Driver shortages.
  • Constant scrutiny.
  • Disrespect.

 I’ve been thinking about truck drivers this week but there a countless other people who make our personal and work lives possible.  For example,

–       The cleaning staff that ensures your office space is clean.

–       The administrative staff who routes calls and takes care of a lot of behind the scenes work for your team.

–       The technical support department that keeps all your technology working.

–       The call center professionals who take phone call after phone call all day long.

–       The landscaping company that keeps your building grounds or home lawn looking great.

And there are many others who perform thankless jobs every day that enable you to do yours. Slow down today and pay attention to the unsung heroes like Ken and Donna. Go out of your way to thank them for their contributions and for making your life better.

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