The past two years have produced a lot of hate. It’s been nasty. We’ve slammed our past president. We’ve cursed our current one. We’ve told people they are stupid for not getting vaccinated and we’ve told them they are crazy for getting vaccinated. We’ve glared at people for not wearing a mask and we’ve made fun of them for wearing it. We’ve cussed or we’ve celebrated professional athletes for getting political or for retiring, moving to a new team, or under performing. We’ve roasted or ranted about Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Stephen Colbert, Aaron Rogers, Joy Behar, Kyrie Irving, or Anthony Faucci. And we have likely caused discord in our families, with our neighbors, or in our workplaces. Some of us have stopped talking to people we love and heaven forbid, we’ve unfriended them on Facebook, blocked them on Instagram, and unfollowed them on Twitter just because we disagree! We’ve also, maybe even unknowingly, angered someone so much that they’ve stopped talking to us. 

Starting around Christmas, I had 3 or 4 conversations with people that were either friends, past clients, or neighbors who all had people in the lives that were cut off or someone them off from all communication. Yuck. 

Forgiveness is hard work yet it’s a super power that can help create positivity, teamwork, improve our health, and even contribute to our success. 

Tap into your super power and forgive someone today.

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