Over one door were the words, “ENTER TO LEARN.” The other door proclaimed, “GO FORTH TO SERVE.”

I noticed these powerful words on a middle-school building while traveling recently.

Knowledge should lead to action. Action can be either self-serving or others-serving.

Once we have knowledge, it is important that we do something with that knowledge and serving is the highest calling.

What if every time we learned something new, we also thought about how we could serve with our knowledge?

What if when we taught something to others, we inspired the learners to serve others with what they learn?

Many years ago, while attending Influence, the annual meeting of the National Speakers Association, I gathered with a small group of my peers. The purpose of the meeting was to help each other grow our speaking businesses. Each person shared a challenge or business concern for which they needed help and then the group members offered ideas to help that person.

At the end of our time together, everyone left with a new perspective and several ideas that they could use to help grow their business. I’ve hosted a similar meeting for nearly twenty years.

A few years ago, I met two young speakers at our annual conference that were new to the speaking business. I was impressed with both, so I invited them to observe our gathering. My peers gladly employed their knowledge and experience to coach and advise these new speakers and they soaked in the knowledge and experience of veteran speakers and were so very grateful for the opportunity.

Since then, I have always invited younger speakers to this mastermind session at our annual conference. At these meetings, knowledge and experience are used in the service of others.

I’d love to hear your ideas on learning and serving below. GO FORTH TO SERVE!

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