There’s been a lot of Taylor Swift music in my life this summer. Whether on vacation, in the car running errands, or just walking into the kitchen, her songs are playing. No, I’m not a closet Swiftie. I have a 16-year-old daughter!

While I still don’t love her music, there’s much to admire in her business principles.

1. She takes care of her team. For the last 24 weeks, the truck drivers on her Eras tour have been away from their families. Taylor made the pain of their separation a little less difficult by giving all 50 drivers a $100,000 bonus. In fact, she gave bonuses to her entire crew (dancers, musicians, catering professionals and others) totaling 55 million dollars.

2. She treats her customers (fans) well. She performs much longer than most other performers. She takes time to sign autographs and takes pictures with fans. When online ticket scalpers tried to take advantage of people, Taylor took action.

3. She gives back. Successful people have an obligation to use their success in the service of others. Last week, Taylor made a large donation to Second Harvest of Silicon Valley. The food bank says this will help their efforts to nourish an average of 500,000 people every month in Santa Clara and San Mateo counties.

There’s a lot to learn from Taylor Swift. Maybe her actions will inspire you too.

How can you show extra appreciation to the people around you who make your life easier or better in some way? Maybe you’ll stop someone who cleans the restrooms at your office, takes care of the grounds outside of your office, or works behind the scenes to make the magic happen. If you are in management, this is particularly important.

How can you bring a little more energy or put in a little extra time when you “perform” to show your audience, your customers, or your loved ones that they are extra special? How do you make yourself available to those who want and need your support? What can you do to make sure that others around you are treated fairly?

How can you help others less fortunate than you in your community and give to support a good cause?

While I may not attend her next concert, stream her latest hit, or order some concert swag, I am a fan of Taylor Swift.

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