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June 6, 1944.



The Greatest Generation.

How did you remember it?

Here’s what I did:

– 6 K run…in the rain.

– 60 push-ups

– 60 crunches

– 60 burpees with weights

– 66 minutes of biking

– 666 seconds of open water swimming

“I like that you celebrate June 6 with an exercise in strength.”

Those were words from my friend John when he found out about my June 6 exercise program. But John didn’t realize that my birthday happens to fall on June 6th.

I created this workout because I turned another year on the clock. But to my shame, while my blood was flowing and my sweat dripping my thoughts never turned to those brave souls who charged the beaches 78 years ago.

It occurred to me after receiving his text message that thinking about my freedoms and those who fought for them, might not be a bad idea every year.

While I’ll keep doing my birthday workout annually, next year I’ll do it with a little more gratitude in my mind.

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