According to a recent World Health Organization report, “Globally, an estimated 12 billion workdays are lost every year to depression and anxiety at a cost of $1 trillion dollars per year in lost productivity.”

May is Mental Health Awareness month. Now is a great time to think about raising awareness about mental health in your organization.

Here are a few ideas:

–     Have an open environment of communication. For example, TSA has a motto “When you see something, say something.” Implement a similar policy when related to mental health challenges on your team.

–     Make positive mental health a priority throughout the year by having regular programs designed to proactively impact mental health.

–     Host a panel with outside speakers for a discussion about mental health with your team. Topics could include: symptoms, early warning signs, and solutions.

–     Talk about your Employee Assistance Program and its benefits.

–     Encourage team members to have accountability partners.

–     Check-in individually with your team when you notice changes in workplace behavior.

–     Model positive self-care and mental well-being by taking care of your physical and mental health.

–     Discourage employees from checking in while on vacation and minimize overtime and weekend work.

And remember, always be open and honest with your team about your own experiences with mental health. In doing so, you could substantially help someone and possibly even save a life in the process.

While mental health-related issues may be uncomfortable to discuss, the month of May gives leaders a reason to take the right steps to help their organizations stay healthy and productive.

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