This post is the 3rd of a 3 part series on pausing when you give a presentation. Last week’s post was about pausing during your presentation and the week before was about pausing before you speak. Today’s post is about pausing after you speak.

If you speak regularly, as I do, it is all too easy to jump ahead to the next engagement without stopping to review your last one. Likely, speaking isn’t your main job but if you give presentations with any regularity, it’s important to pause to evaluate your presentation. Below are some suggestions:

· Ask people in the audience to give you feedback. Invite them to say something publicly, speak with you afterward, or fill out a comment card.

· Invite your client to give you feedback, if you speak for work. Often, this is the most valuable feedback.

· Personally evaluate what you did. There are two ways to do this:

1) Use a self-evaluation form. A good sample is in the book “I Can See You Naked: A Fearless Guide to Making Great Presentations” by Ron Huff.

2) Record your presentation and watch it later.

You can invite others to join in the fun. While it’s humbling to watch a recording of yourself giving a talk, but it’s even more humbling to watch it with others. Few things, however, will help you grow in your delivery like a recorded review of your presentation with a few peers who will give you honest feedback.

But don’t stop there. After you evaluate your presentation, you should identify three things that you are going to improve the next time you speak.

If you really want to build your skills-join a Toastmasters club or find some other way to practice your delivery regularly.

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