I stood on the beach in beautiful Daytona Beach, Florida just two days after Hurricane Nicole ripped through the area, wrecking havoc and destruction. In the picture above as well as in the attached video, you can see what was left of a swimming pool deck, now only supported by its foundation of concrete beams.

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The damage to Florida from Hurricane Nicole and Ian was incredible. But the immediate response from the cleanup and humanitarian crews was just as incredible. There will be much work ahead to repair and to restore these storm damaged areas – strengthening what was there before.

Fortunately, Floridians are resilient people. For those whose resilience hasn’t been tested by these tragedies, pausing from our regular lives to support those in need is important.

So, what can we do? How can we help?

I’d like to suggest a “Give 5, 50, or 500 campaign.”

Start by taking 5 minutes to ask how and where you can help. If you live in the areas hit by recent hurricanes, consider the following:

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If you live in Florida:

1.      Pick up 5 (or 50, or 500) pieces of trash from or near the beach

2.      Tip an extra 5% when ordering food at a restaurant near the destruction

3.      Take a vacation day to help with the cleanup efforts

4. Look for 5 people whom you can thank for their work restoring power or internet to the hardest hit places

If you don’t live in Florida:

1.     Consider vacationing in the Daytona or Fort Myers area for 5 days

2.     Build and send 5 relief boxes of food, water, work gloves, and safety glasses to damaged communities

3. Donate $5 (or $50 or $500) to a charity involved in hurricane relief in Florida

It takes a lot of individual effort to help make a big difference. Life can be busy. But it’s important that we regularly pause to give back to those facing hardship. One day, it could be us facing the destruction.  Be a difference maker.

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