10 x 365 = 12

10 minutes

365 days

12 books

That’s right, if most of us read on average for 10 minutes a day, in a year’s time we will have finished 12 books.

If you have been following my writing or speaking journey, you know that I am a big proponent of regular reading. I encourage my audience members to read six personal or professional development books as well as six books for pleasure each year. The development related books help contribute to your career and life success and the personal reading is a great way to relax. There are also health benefits related to pleasure reading.

But I can hear your objections already.

We’re too busy to read. We are worn out after a long day of work. We read too many emails, reports, and other work-related documents. We just don’t have time. When I ask audience members why people don’t read “I don’t have enough time” is the most frequent reason for not reading regularly.

What if you could find just 10 minutes daily to read? Surely there is time for that!

In only 10 minutes daily, you could read 12 books in a year. Add another 10 minutes and you’re at 18 books in a year.

But maybe you need to start more slowly. That’s OK! Challenge yourself to read for 5 minutes every day before you go to sleep for a month instead of scrolling on your phone. Not only will the shift away from your screen’s blue light improve your sleep, but you will also begin to develop the habit of regular reading. Or maybe you can start your day by reading first thing in the morning.

Habits are hard to build and harder to break. It’s important to build good habits like reading into your regular routine. Sometimes the easiest way is by starting small and building up from there.

Remember: 10 minutes X 365 days = 12 books a year.

Comment on your reading habits and favorite books below!

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