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AirBnB CEO Brian Chesky May 9, 2022

What does he know – he’s only a smart aleck millennial?

Last week, I was heading to a public speaking class I teach for homeschooled high school students. The building where we meet is less than a mile from my home so I have been walking to this bi-monthly class since January (a lot can be accomplished by walking). I left early as I had a 1:15 phone meeting that I planned to hold in the building where my 2:00 class was held. Of course, I could have accomplished the call while I walked but I guard my walking time with a passion – walking is where I draft articles like this, rehearse new speech material, clear my head, and often wear out my dog.

Fortunately, I arrived early at the building where I taught the class, but I had no phone service – zero. I happened to notice that I had it when I walked by my friends Scott and Shelby Shankland’s house. So, I walked the short distance from the class location to their house (where both work from home). Their entire company SweetRush does. The company went remote when the Global Financial Crisis hit in 2008.

When I knocked on the door, Shelby was on a conference call and Scott was working upstairs but they welcomed me to do what I needed to do there.

When I opened my computer from their kitchen table, I learned my 1:15 appointment was late. I politely declined their invitation to raid their fridge, but did use their microwave to heat up my lunch. Using their WIFI, I handled a few tasks, suggested an alternative time for the rescheduled 1:15 call so I would have breathing space, had a peaceful, slow lunch, and arrived to teach my class – with plenty of cushion time. 

After my class was over, I headed to Maryville Corner Market where I worked for the afternoon before walking back home. I also regularly work at Vienna Coffee House, Southern Grace Coffee, a lake house in Florida, and in the many parks in my town.

Hm…maybe we should consider listening to those young whipper snapper, wet-behind-the-ears millennials after all?

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