Yesterday I received a wonderful surprise gift from a client that I worked with early last month – words of appreciation.

Here is what she wrote on my LinkedIn page after my keynote for her national association:

Tim Richardson is hands down the best keynote speaker I have ever had the privilege to work with. Tim was creative in his approach, spent time attending an onsite session ahead of our keynote to really understand our membership and was very open and responsive to our questions. Tim delivered a dynamic, insightful, and hilarious presentation to our membership and I continue to hear accolades about his keynote post conference. He will be a hard act to follow for our next keynote.”

Those four sentences likely didn’t take longer than a few minutes to write and yet they are powerful. They are a powerful endorsement of my work to future prospective clients. They are a powerful motivator to me to work hard to meet my clients’ needs and bring them maximum value. And they are a powerful reminder that words of appreciation are significant.

When we pay attention and recognize what someone accomplished, it increases the probability that they will repeat those efforts in the future.

Over the next few weeks, it’s likely that your co-workers will be out of the office. What a gift it would be for them to come back to a nice handwritten note or voicemail telling them how much you appreciate them and the role they play in making your organization better.

Your words will have an amazing impact. As long as it’s sincere and without an expectation of you receiving anything in return, you really can’t give too much appreciation!

Thank you, Licia Wells, you reminded me about the power of appreciation – one of the most wonderful gifts you can give to someone.

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