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Tim's Promise

The investment in hiring me to speak is not just for the time I will be in front of the audience. I will work hard to make sure that I understand your audience and their unique needs, challenges, and successes. I will custom tailor my message and my ancillary materials (slides or handouts, if used).  I will provide ideas to help reinforce the content after the event.  Below are listed what goes into your event before, during, and after to make sure it’s successful. It’s my service promise to you.

Before the event:

*Conduct conference call(s) with leading thinkers in your organization so that I can fully understand industry issues


*Prepare a short promotional video to be used to market your event


*Learn appropriate industry jargon, acronyms, and other information to help me tailor my message


*Read industry blogs, white papers, and articles to help shape my presentation


*Prepare a thoughtful presentation with high impact visuals


*Have an emergency back-up plan for my session in the highly unlikely event of a delay that would prevent my live appearance (I have never missed an event in 25 years of speaking professionally)


*Communicate any delays in travel while in route that significantly delay my arrival time


*Contact the A/V provider with any special request or unique needs


*Bring all necessary cords for connecting my Macbook with the computer projection unit on site


* Timely response to emails and calls

During the event:

*Notify key contact when I arrive on site


*Attend any function before I speak that might be helpful in increasing my knowledge of the organization or industry


*Arrive in the meeting room no less than one hour before my presentation


*Use appropriate humor that helps accentuate my message


*Be professional in my delivery and respectful in how I deliver


*Commit to a NO surprise engagement – Any A/V or support that wasn’t requested in advance will NOT be requested onsite


*Leave audience with a LEAST three thought-provoking questions that will help them THINK more deeply and ACT with more conviction in their work

After the event:

*Offer options to continue the learning


*Timely follow-up with participants who request additional information


*Post or email slides of my presentation for audience review


*Be available for questions from the attendees


*Be careful with my flight selection to insure I don’t book a flight which requires rushing to the airport


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