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In last week’s Pausitivity post, I wrote about a recent dream I had. In the dream, I was working for IBM and didn’t have enough work to do. While that is an issue for some people, I’d suggest that some of us have the opposite problem. The problem I had at IBM – was the nightmare of never having a break. For some of us, work is never-ending, and we seem to live in firefighter mode without ever feeling in control of our workflow.

If you are in that situation, consider the following:

·        Getting clarity from your management on the projects you are working on to ensure you are putting time into the most important work

·        Tackle the most difficult or least desirable to-do’s first. Just do it.

·        Understand your natural workflow and use that to your advantage. When are you most creative and alert? When is your energy the highest? Understanding and managing your work energy will increase your performance

·        Know when to say when. We aren’t superheroes and there’s a point of diminishing returns on your work effort. Stop working just before you reach that point

·        Take care of yourself. Eat well, make time for exercise, and be sure to get enough sleep. All these things will positively impact your performance

Being bored at work or working too much are legitimate challenges. Assessing either situation and developing an action plan can help you find better fulfillment and more success in the workplace.

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