“If you could have any job, what would it be?”

A past client and good friend asked me this recently.

I told him that I was doing it. I love what I do. I love helping organizations and companies get better at the essentials of customer service, leadership, and excellence. Helping so many people and groups succeed. This is my dream job.

He told me that he couldn’t answer the question in the same way. While he is very good at his current job, it isn’t a dream. He told me his heart is in education. He just had a conversation with his boss and told him that he was applying for a job as a high school principal. He told his boss:

I want to positively impact that disengaged kid wearing the Metallica t-shirt who is addicted to his X-box. I want to encourage the young person who must work an extra job to help her parents make ends meet. I want help change the kid who thinks every day is a crappy day. I want to show those kids that I care about them and their future. That what I was meant to do.

Tom reminded me of some important truths worth exploring.

Where do your passions and skills meet?

What legacy do you want to leave?

How are you using your gifts to make a difference?

Don’t waste your best years if you aren’t passionate about your work.

What were you meant to do with your career and life?

Hopefully, you have a good friend like Tom to remind you of the importance of bringing passion to your work and everything else do you in life.

Take it from Tom, life is short. Do something you love.

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